PSPs: Why Does Your Choice of Acquirer
Determine Your Future Success?
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The vast and rapidly growing global e-commerce market accounted for $1.316 trillion in 2014. Cross-border sales reached a whopping $300 billion – which was 25% of the total global e-commerce flow, and is growing at more than 45% YOY.
How can Payment Service Providers (PSPs) effectively attain their share of this vast global pie?
What follows is the deep analysis of the pressures and challenges PSPs are facing from merchants, increasing back-office complexity and well-positioned new entrants.
And more importantly, what approach enables the PSP to become an organization with which it is easy to do business – an organization that continuously adapts to merchant needs, enables streamlined onboarding, comprehends local nuances, supports flexible business models, and ensures quick monetization – for the PSP and its merchants.